Making Music for - and with - Kids!

Erin Lee Art Stretched

Erin Lee’s music has received rave reviews and radio play from Massachusetts to New Mexico. Her original tunes about loose teeth, lost baseballs and other assorted joys (and challenges) of childhood have earned her national attention as one of the freshest, funniest, and insightful songwriters for kids. And their grownups.


Stunning Backup Singers with Erin Lee
Rock Band with Katie

Erin Lee and Friends

Our YouTube channel for kids, parents and teachers! It features Erin Lee, some band mates, some colleagues and some charismatic kids sharing stories, songs and theatre games. All the tunes are kid tested, having been sung by children on stage and in school, and the chords are super simple so that everyone can play - especially teachers with one eye on the music and one eye on the singer. Every single story we tell and theatre game we play has been acted out by kids in Erin Lee's theatre program and given a big thumbs up! Go grab a snack, find a seat and settle in for some fun.

What People Are Saying

“A kid’s-eye view of the world that’s humorous and touching…”
– Moira McCormick, Disney’s Family Fun Magazine